An outlier is defined as something that is set apart, something that is different. Outlier Coffee Company is exactly that- coffee that is set apart. Coffee that is different. Every cup of coffee has a unique story behind it, and here is ours.

In 2021, Kayla founded Outlier Coffee Company to inspire, connect and provide others with quality and ethically sourced coffee. Originally a Pennsylvania native, Kayla moved to North Dakota in 2016 to pursue a college education, while also serving in the North Dakota Army National Guard. During her college years, she found herself spending lots of time in coffee shops studying, and quickly became fascinated by the craft of coffee. She combined her two passions, coffee and helping others, and produced Outlier Coffee Company. The intent was to partner with outliers within her community to showcase what sets them apart by telling their story through coffee. 

Before you can enjoy that great cup of coffee or espresso shot, green coffee beans must be roasted. While roasting may sound simple, it's actually a delicate balance of art and science. AJ, founder of Sparky's Craft Coffee Roasters in Cavalier, North Dakota, has perfected that balance on a Mill City Roaster. To learn more about AJ's story, head to  https://sparkyscraftcoffeeroasting.com/

Outlier Coffee Company and Sparky's Craft Coffee Roasters have decided to collaborate to showcase both of their talents by crafting incredible tasting coffees, while cultivating meaningful community. Both businesses support transparent and ethical sourcing channels, and roast to highlight the flavors the farmers want to bring out in their coffees. The hope is to bring people together, one cup of coffee at a time.